What is behind your yes?

Hi everyone, I know it has been a little while. I have had a major change in my life. I moved to a new place! It was exciting yet very stressful. Trying to gather all of my belongings and take them to a new place really wore me out. So I apologize for not writing sooner. The picture you see is actually a picture of the door to my new home. This is the place where I will rest, coach my clients, watch tv, laugh, and cry. My safe place! What happens behind this door will determine how I am a coach, sister, child, friend, accountant, minister of music, or bookkeeper. 

The question I want to pose today is what is behind your yes? As we spend time with those we care about this week, we say “thank you” for a reason. We say “thank you” because someone or something has happened that you appreciate. You are grateful for things you have and whom you share life. More than likely, you want to have more carefree moments like Thursday. Honestly, that is financial freedom, to be in the carefree mindset of Thanksgiving everyday and spending it with the people you love. 

So what is behind your yes? Why are you making the sacrifices? Why are you working multiple jobs? Why have you cut the cable? Why have you reduced your cell phone bill? Why have you cut the subscription? If your answer is to save money, that will only take you so far. Let’s be honest, budgeting is boring to most. Staying within your budget is painful to the majority. However, spending time with your family is priceless. The ability to provide for your family is priceless. The opportunities to give your children a better foundation than the previous generation is legendary. Take time this week to write down what is behind your yes to make your life better. Then when you have a tough day, go back and read your reason. Focus on the end result and not the temporary sacrifices. You will be better for it and it will sustain you through this journey of freedom. 

Have a fantastic Thanksgiving!

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