How my Apple Watch got me in trouble

For the majority of this month, I have been speaking on the topic of “clear vision” on social media. I have asked questions about goals for the year, mindset, and even thinking of your legacy. I was also fortunate enough to interview a life coach, life insurance agent, and a realtor. One of my personal goals is to be more engaging with my audience and give tools for their goals. 

I was blindsided on Sunday afternoon coming home from church. While trying to keep a mosquito from getting into my apartment, I broke my Apple Watch! How? I really do not know. The circumstances were just right when I leaned against the brick. Now, I was devastated. See, I enjoyed my watch. I bought it to keep track of my steps and workouts. If I’m honest, I did use it for that reason during my first year. The second year not so much. I decided not to buy a new one immediately. Recently, mandatory purchases have been piling up and it wouldn’t have been a wise choice. (All of this is important. I promise).

There are 2 images below. One of my Apple Watch and the other of my post on social media yesterday. For the last 3 days without my watch, I have noticed my focus shifting. You see, my watch gave me notifications for everything. (Phone calls, text, social media, habit reminders, calendar meetings, etc.) My focus was always broken by a buzz. I would look down and then I would have to start over again. You may think I’m crazy. I honestly feel more productive without it. How could something so small disrupt my life? In the ability to stay connected, I actually disconnected from myself to staying on task.

So I have a question for you. Is there something that is distracting you for your focus? For me, it was my watch. For you, it could be a TV show or any random thing. Are you willing to let go of the thing that is holding you back even if you enjoy it? This could be the difference of you reaching 100% of your goal or not reaching it at all. Is it really worth it?

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