The truth shall set you free….

Happy Wednesday! I hope everyone is doing well. The year is definitely starting off interesting. I hope it is the same for you. The title listed above is something that I have had to swallow in the last couple of weeks. It was not pleasant but it was necessary for me to take things to the next level in my life. I’m hoping that the recent truth that was given to me will make me better as a person. Life is about how we respond.

There is really not an easy way to transition into the next question. So i’m just going to ask. Do you have life insurance? I know that isn’t probably what you were expecting but it is a question that needs to be asked. Making sure that your family will be okay is VERY important. That’s why I have asked DeVante Snell to speak to the PughFC Community about Life Insurance on tonight (January 8, 2020) at 8:30PM. Link to join in on the conversation. It is time that we are realistic that life does happen and get your house in order. 

So what truth are you avoiding? Check out the short video I did last night below as well. Come back to this link tonight or Join PughFC Community so you don’t miss this important conversation. 

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