Clear Vision: Funding your College Education

I will try to make this quick. It is that time of the year again. The priority deadline for financial aid for the next academic year is quickly approaching. Have you submitted your application? Has your child submitted their application? There are so many resources that are available. Do not let procrastination prevent you or your child from getting the maximum resources. So tonight at 8:00PM, I am bringing in a specialist in the area, Dr. Jeena Owens. Below is her bio. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to ask questions from a great resource! If you are reading this after February 5, 2020, go to Stay connected and find the link to Debt-Free Scholars, LLC to get to connected to Dr. Owens.

See you tonight at 8!

Dr. Jeena Owens Bio
Dr. Jeena Owens was born and raised in Buffalo, NY where she attended high school, college, and earned a graduate degree. In Buffalo, she began her career working on college campuses to help students succeed throughout their academic career. Dr. Owens has also worked in New Mexico, and Alabama.

While in Buffalo she was awarded her first scholarship that covered tuition, fees, room, board and a semester abroad to London, England. In 2013, Dr. Owens earned her PhD for free! Throughout her academic career Dr. Owens earned over a half million dollars in scholarships and other sources of free-funding. In 2014, Dr. Owens began Debt-Free Scholars as a blog to share information about how to navigate the college admissions process and scholarships opportunities.

In 2017, Dr. Owens founded Debt-Free Scholars, LLC, an education consulting service that aims to help college-bound students learn about higher education and scholarship opportunities. With college tuition and student loan debt continuously on the rise, Dr. Owens hopes that Debt-Free Scholars, LLC will support students in reaching towards higher education with low costs.
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