Still going strong on your resolutions?

Good morning,

How are you holding up this year? Are things going as you planned? Are you on track for the goals you set this year? I did a google search this morning. In the box I typed, “when do people usually give up on their resolutions”. According to this article, it is January 17th. Click here to read the article. They even referenced it as “D-day”. Why am I sharing this with you? Yes, January 17th passed. Is it too late to accomplish your goals. NO WAY!!!!! 

I’m going to share something with you. Vulnerability and consistency is something I wanted to add to my business this year. I’m a real person and not a robot. I struggle in areas just like you. As consistent I am with saving a portion of my check each month, I struggle with my eating habits. This is something that has been a problem in my life for a good portion of my life. So I contacted one of my high school classmates, she is holding me accountable this year on my eating habits. It has been going great so far! 

Why am I sharing this with you? YOU DO NOT HAVE TO GO THROUGH YOUR STRUGGLES ALONE. I cannot emphasize this enough. Community is everything. When you realize that other people are going through similar situations, it gives you strength. Having support will help you to reach your goals. So my encouragement to you today is to find a community for your weak areas. 

For your finances, you can join any group. However, I do want to encourage you to join PughFC Community. Like I said, in the intro video. I really do love this place. Getting your finances in order is so much more than budgeting. I asked a question on Sunday. “What are you doing to prepare for the week?”. One of the members said, “Ironing school and work clothes”. What in the world does that have to do with finances? Let me break it down for you. Having clothes prepared for the week, will probably save this parent 10-15 in the morning. This will allow this parent to not rush. That could lead to more sleep aka better energy. It could also give her more time to care for other things in the household. Now, stress is reduced. This member is now equipped to make better decisions all because one morning item is handled. Time saved may mean another cooked meal at home instead of takeout. There you have it! A saved 15 minutes has created an opportunity to make a better financial decision. THIS is the PughFC community. I am concerned about your finances AND life. They work together, not separate. So if you this is something that peaks your interest, come be a part of this strong community

Stay strong! It isn’t too late to reach all of your goals for 2020. 

Talk to you next time!

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