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For those of you who may not know, I live in Alabama. I work full time at a university. So last week, I was off for spring break. It has definitely been the weirdest spring break in my lifetime. I didn’t travel. Choosing to stay in town instead of visiting my family. I do not think I could live with myself if I am a carrier and I carried it home. This COVID-19 has really disrupted my normal way of life. This week many people in my city are returning “back to work”.  We will work from home. 

Before I officially get back on the clock, what do I say? How can I help those around me trying to navigate this time period? Have you ever paid attention to how a grocery store is set up? The things on the edges like fruit, vegetables, juice, milk, meats, and the freezer are typically in the cooler parts of the store. In fact, depending on the item there has to be a cooler unit plugged up for it to remain fresh. If you go to the center, there is where the junk is located. My advice to you is stay connected to the things that will sustain you and push you to the next level. Write down a quick list of the things you need to stay connected. What relationships need to stay intact? What are the things that will keep you at the same level or push you to the next? Whether we are in for the next week or 3 months, will you be the same person on day 1? 

Oh one more thing….

Regardless if you think it is foolish to be at home or not, please stay at home and follow the necessary precautions. There are too many unknowns. Don’t risk the health of others because “you think you know better.” Trust the experts. Sometimes the answer doesn’t have to be complicated. 

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