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Hello, my name is Latrisa Pugh and I want to help you to become the best version of yourself!

The journey to financial coaching began in college during my intro to accounting class. I was introduced to the concept of Time Value of Money. Since that class, I changed my career path to where I assist others with their finances. The journey has not been easy but it has definitely been worth it. In 2005, I had a total of overdraft fees of roughly $500. I wasn’t paying attention to my bank account. But
after gaining financial knowledge, I was approved to purchase a car with 0% interest in 2011. That is when I realized that all the work I had put in was worth it. Now I am in a position to continue to pay off debt so that I will be able to say I am debt free!

Through prayer, it has been revealed that it is time for me to share this gift with others. There is a lack of financial education in our society. Even though I believe money can be a sensitive subject, I can guide you into a place where you understand your finances, unveil your values, and work towards living your purpose. Allow me to help you to reach your financial freedom.

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