The Other Side of Fear

Right before I began to write this article, I said something very interesting to myself. “You know, I really do not know if I enjoy doing the podcast. I enjoy writing articles more.” Immediately, after stating that I was in shock. Why? It was just a year ago that my publisher had to pull teeth to get me to write. Now, I want to do it freely. What a difference a year makes! Last year, I introduced to the world that I was working on my book, Finding Freedom in Finances: A 21-Day Devotional.

It’s Halloween and finances can be really scary. I know have talked about fear before but let’s talk about what happens when you overcome your fear. This is my personal experience. 

By overcoming my fear of writing

  • I am speaking my truth.

The journey I am taking with finances has opened the door for me as well as for others. My truth has created spaces for people young and old to talk about finances. More people are gaining knowledge about finances and stewardship. Even people I do not know. It is so awesome to think that someone is learning from me that I do not even know! I am so glad I did not remain silent.

  • I learned that there are experts for my weak areas

This was probably the main reason I did not want to write. I have always been a good student but grammar is not my strongest skill. I would also say “I’m not a writer or grammar isn’t my thing.” I feared what people would say about how I articulated something. That isn’t in the right tense. All of these random thoughts of other people’s potential opinions would overwhelm me and keep me from telling my story. I am so grateful for the team I have around me. My publisher and a few friends did read for me. They ask questions about what I as thinking or what I am trying to say and helped me frame my thoughts. 

  •  People were impacted by my thought process. 

This has become a very humbling experience. Every testimony and every moment of growth for one person has made this experience worth it. Parents are talking to their kids about finances because of this book. People are saving more and they are crediting my words. Readers are thinking about what they value more because of my thoughts. It has been truly amazing to experience.

  • My words are now timeless.

This is a legacy that I am proud of that will go beyond my life. My great great great grandchildren, who I may never meet, will learn from me the value of the dollar. 

So what experiences are you missing by not facing your fear? Fear is never a reason not to try. Fear drives away the best version of yourself. The success of completing your goals is greater than the feeling of fear. The success that you are missing from living in fear is keeping you from your dreams, goals, and a better way of life. So go ahead and come over to the other side, that is where you will begin to see it isn’t that bad at all. In fact, it is AMAZING! 

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