Black Friday Tips

No, it isn’t black Friday this week. In fact, I have not seen an advertisement yet. But I want to challenge you to go ahead and think about your black Friday trip. Black Friday has always amazed me because I wonder if the deals are worth it. There are so many savings stores and discount outlets that are available now. My tip today is to start early on your research. Be sure that the deal you are getting during the black Friday weekend is truly a deal. Honestly, you probably should have started price watching a few weeks ago. You still have time. This is the number tip offered by consumer reports to get ready for the holiday season. Click here to read the others. The other tip I would like to highlight is to set a budget. Back in the September, I suggested setting a budget for Christmas. This isn’t a trick or something to keep you from enjoying the holiday season. This is to protect you from regret. January tends to be a very long month. Do not make it longer by overspending. Here are my personal tips again for you to get ready for Christmas 2019. (Link to original tip)

  1. Set a budget. How much are you going to spend on Christmas this year?
  2. Take people off the list. Make a priority gift list.
  3. Encourage gift exchange and set a price limit.
  4. Change it from the norm. Ask for something or buy something that is a need like household items. You know they will use it and it will save a trip to the store.
  5. Make it fun. The focus should be on spending time with family.

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